Rugby Jones Builds Self-Esteem

Rugby Jones builds self-esteem and encourages a child’s growth mindset through his own story. Rugby’s life is a tale of love and acceptance and empowerment. This is the story of the cutest Corgi named Rugby Jones. Rugby’s ability to overcome adversity in each challenge he faces is encouraging to young readers. It is the perfect book for children and addresses so many issues that kids face in today’s world.

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As Rugby Jones builds self-esteem, we hope to foster acceptance, compassion, and kindness in young and old. If you know of any child who has made a difference by helping someone in even a small way, please send your suggestion with a brief description of the kindness shown. To acknowledge and commend their actions, we will place their names on Rugby’s Hero Wall!

Rugby Jones Builds Self-Esteem: Rugby's Hero Wall

 Rugby Jones Builds Self-Esteem and Encourages Acceptance and Kindness

Reading Specialists, Police, Teachers, Parents, and Psychologists

Praise Rugby Jones.

Entertaining and meaningful book that teaches children about being different, accepting differences and being kind. Written from a cute and smart disabled dog’s mouth, Rugby Jones reinforces children’s Growth Mindset that they can do anything if they believe they can! I highly recommend this book as a wonderful springboard for parent/child discussions as well as use in a classroom situation followed by discussions and writing opportunities.

Beverly N Smith, Med  –  Reading Consultant Specialist

In it she tells a masterful “tail” of love and acceptance and empowerment. Oh my goodness! This is the sweetest book! Claudia Broome takes us through the story of the cutest Corgi named Rugby Jones. In it she tells a masterful “tail” of love and acceptance and empowerment. Rugby’s ability to overcome adversity in each challenge he faces is encouraging to young readers. It is the perfect book for children and addresses so many issues that kids face in today’s world. I read it and also passed it on to my young daughter to read. She absolutely loved every bit of it! I highly recommend this book!!! I received a complimentary copy of this book from its author in exchange for my honest review.

Ashley Montgomery

In a thoughtful and creative follow-up to her earlier book The Tail of Rugby Jones, author Claudia Broome has developed this timely book that combines the essentials of the anti-bullying message along with the message of inclusion. The Diary of a Different Dog: Rugby Jones cleverly utilizes a real-life handicapped dog, which is humanized into the book’s narrator. Rugby Jones describes his adversity from an accident, how he overcame it to thrive, and how others can learn to thrive in a diverse environment that includes multicultural and multi-racial issues. This book’s imaging is superb, which is an essential feature for very young readers. Claudia Broome has created another quality book that every kindergarten and elementary school guidance counselor and child therapist should have as a resource.

Dr. Philip J. Shapiro – Ormond Beach, Florida

What a wonderful and exciting way to teach youngsters about feelings. The author is able to clearly demonstrate to the children not only how they feel but also how their actions impact on others. I hope the author will continue this important mission on empathy.

Dr. Glenn H. Heath, PHD – Specializing in Clinical Psychology

In a world that has become cruel and cynical by adults and children alike, sometimes even resulting in criminal activity, “The Diary of a Different Dog” by Claudia Broome is a refreshing resource to instill kindness and understanding in young children. Rugby Jones is a dog injured in an accident and now uses wheels for his hind legs making him very “different.” He uses this handicap to show others that in some way we are all different, but yet much the same and we all need to be understanding, kind and helpful to create a more pleasant world. The illustrations are bright, colorful, cleverly done and attractive to youngsters. Well done!

Lt. A. Walker and Det. S. Walker, Retired Buffalo Police

Once again Claudia Broome uses her pal Rugby Jones, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, to enchant children with a story that celebrates the broad range of physical, cultural, and personal differences among people living in any community, and the everyday heroism of children who make the choice to be kind and empathetic toward those who are often marginalized because of their disabilities or other differences. Beautifully illustrated using bold graphics and vibrant colors, The Diary of a Different Dog belongs on the shelves of schools, libraries, and homes nation-wide.

Janet Sasson Edgette, Psy.D

I wanted to share my impressions of the book from a Speech and Language Pathologist’s perspective. There are so many wonderful things to say about the Rugby Jones book that it is difficult to narrow it down. This year I shared the book with a group of fourth grade children who have social/pragmatic, expressive and receptive language impairments. A couple of the students have a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome. I co-treated in therapy with our school Occupational therapist. We Incorporated the following activities to meet goals listed in the IEP’s:

  • Social skills: making social inferences and predictions, identifying and labeling character feeling/emotional states, identifying causes/effect of actions on the emotions of the characters in the book, generating examples from each student’s experiential base, social problem solving and reasoning and many more. A few of the emotions identified: love, fear, curiosity, envy/jealousy, guilt, sadness, being cautious, empathy, kindness etc.
  • Receptive language and verbal and written expression: graphic organizers, story maps, sequencing of events, new vocabulary words, drawing, writing sentences/descriptions of chapters in the book
  • Sensory integration: “How does your engine run?” incorporated in the lessons.
  • Figurative/non-literal language was included in the book, thus gave us the opportunity to expand in this area.
  • Lessons learned: don’t tease others about their appearance, different kinds of friendships, accidents happen, being brave, trying new things, not giving up and overcoming obstacles.

There are so many ways to use this book, it is fabulous. The children loved the book!!!

Edie Sullivan M.S., CCC-SLP

As a school counselor, I have used this book to teach students about accepting the differences in others. The kids loved the story and I will certainly be using it again!

Victoria Rubbo

The central message to treat each person with kindness and respect is one of value and importance. This message is shared in this story, with a lovable, physically-impaired dog as the narrator. My class loved hearing the story.

Hazel Grace

I love reading this book with/to my youngest grandchildren. The illustrations are entertaining and the words have initiated many educational conversations. In our everyday lives, the kids and I have seen and heard things and look at each other and say “Rugby Jones.” You also must try Ms. Broome’s website. We love learning from Rugby Jones.

Ann I Flanders

I like this book a lot. What a great way to introduce a young child to an very important concept — that we are all “different” from one another, we all have our own special qualities — and these should be not only accepted but celebrated. I’ll bet this book will promote understanding by those who consider themselves “normal” and comfort to those who believe they are not. The book is delightfully illustrated and written in a fun poetic style. Worth having in your child’s library and a great inexpensive gift idea.

David L. Gardiner

Since bullying is such a prevalent problem in schools, this book is an excellent approach to help prevent bullying. Teachers can share this book with their students and further discuss kindness, diversity, and bullying. We bought three copies of the book and gave a copy to two teachers in different districts to circulate throughout their schools. We are also sharing a copy with our family and friends. Thank you to Rugby Jones and Claudia Broome who will have an enormous impact on the prevention of bullying!

Susan Papp

This is a wonderful book with an important message to children AND adults. As a multiracial family, we appreciated how the author creatively communicated the importance of celebrating differences. We purchased copies for our friends’ children and daughter’s classroom. Long live Rugby Jones!

Tom Quick

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