Bullied? Me Too!

bulliedBullied? Me too! To everyone who has been bullied, I get what it feels like. I get that all their mean words and jokes make us feel sad.  Being bullied is the pits. Here is the thing that you need to remember: Bullies are losers and those of us who are different are winners because we have had to overcome a lot. We can show the ones who bullied us that we are proud of our differences and let them know that their unkindness won’t bring us down. At least it won’t for very long but we won’t tell them that part.

This is what happened to me. A lot of kids made fun of me and bullied me. They laughed because I was different. You see, I am a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Pembroke Welsh Corgis don’t have tails like other dogs. So, what? I think having no tail is pretty cool, don’t you? (When you look at a Pembroke Welsh Corgi from behind, you will see just how adorable we are.) They also bullied me because I couldn’t run and jump and play like the other dogs. They said, “What good is a dog that can’t play fetch? You are no good.” Well, I showed them. And I’ll tell you how.

Guess what? My human mom got me a wheelchair and it is the best wheelchair in the whole world. I named my wheelchair Zoomie because it is so special. Don’t you like it when special things like wheelchairs have names? I sure do.bullied

Now that I have Zoomie, I can run and play and even play fetch. In fact, I can go very fast! Sometimes I go even faster than the other dogs and that is way cool. After I got Zoomie, I went up to one of the kids who bullied me and dropped my ball in front of him. “What’s the matter?” I asked. “Are you afraid that I can play fetch just as well as your dog? Go on, throw it and watch me run.”

When the bully threw the ball, I got it every time. After that, I went up to him and asked, “Don’t you feel bad that you made fun of me? If you don’t feel bad, you should because I am a very cool dude of a dog. And you need to learn that being kind is way cooler that being mean. The kids who are liked the most are the kind ones. Nobody likes bullies.”

If you want to know more about me, you can find my books on Amazon. The first is for older kids and it is The “Tail” of Rugby Jones – A Rascal’s Journey from Disability to Ability and the second one is a rhyming book for younger kids titled The Diary of a Different Dog – Rugby Jones.   They are both pretty amazing if I do say so myself! Oh, by the way… in case you didn’t know, I am Rugby Jones!


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