Rugby’s Hero Wall


Rugby Jones’ Heroes: 

Will you suggest more?

JJ M. shared his lunch.

Leia G. showed a sad girl how to draw animals.

Grace P. watched out for bullies on the playground.

Ryan C. made sad kids laugh.

Leim G. invited a lonely boy to play.

Gabi P. sat by a sad girl on the bus.

Jimmy G. took on a best buddy.

Annie C. helped a sad girl feel better.

Jerry B. picked up a boy’s dropped book.

Wayne I. played the harp for sick kids.

Susie L. shared her lunch.

Barry L. asked a new boy to play.

Jeannie G. helped a girl find her teacher.

Marjorie B. helped a girl with her math homework.

Junius B. loaned a boy his crayons.

Jerry L. pushed a friend’s wheelchair.

Jane B. helped catch Ryan’s dog.



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