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Rugby Jones’ Mom Claudia Broome

Hi! My name is Claudia and I have a dog named Rugby Jones. I guess that makes me his human mom. Rugby has become my inspiration and my teacher because of the way that he has dealt with adversity in his life.

Rugby suffered a spinal cord injury and lost the use of his back legs. I watched the sadness in his eyes with an understanding that he could no longer run, play or even walk. Like any parent, I tried everything to help him. I finally found him a dog wheelchair.

That was the moment when Rugby’s life changed for the better. Rugby took to his new wheelchair like a duck on water. His enthusiasm and zest for life grew with each passing day. Little did I know that Rugby’s injury and recovery would change my life for the better too.

As we dealt with Rugby’s handicap, I became acutely aware of the interactions between Rugby and those who came in contact with him. Sometimes, there were disapproving and unkind comments that came our way. When this happened I became mesmerized by the effect that Rugby’s antics and friendly personality had on people. He possessed an innate ability to turn negative into positive and criticism into approval.

Those who had scorned the dog in the wheelchair and the woman at the end of the leash did about faces after he approached them with his heartwarming antics. It was as though he spoke their language. “Why are you staring at me? I’m fine. So what if I need a wheelchair to get around? Is your body perfect? Mine isn’t. Please be nice to me. I will be nice to you. I am a very happy dog. I love my wheelchair and I love my life. Don’t you want to be my friend? I sure want to be your friend.”

I have been sharing Rugby’s uplifting story because it is one of encouragement for people who must deal with any adversity. Rugby exemplifies the fact that life is what you make it.

As I speak and write about Rugby’s antics, actions and reactions to people and events, children are delighted. Maybe it is because my words are straight from the horse’s mouth or more accurately straight from Rugby’s mouth.

With my help, Rugby shares his message that teaches hope, courage, understanding, compassion and kindness.

Rugby Jones is my hero and I am confident that he will be your hero too.

Rugby Jones’ Amazon Books

 My name is Rugby Jones and my books are available on Amazon and the MP3 audio is available right here, right now! How cool is that? I know you think it’s cool too. Guess what? All of my books have received these special awards and that makes me very happy!

I sure hope that you want to get either The “Tail” of Rugby Jones or The Diary of a Different Dog a.k.a. Rugby Jones for a special kid or kids in your life. It’s very important that that I fill you in on a few things about these books so that you will know which one or maybe ones will be best for you.

The first of my books is The “Tail” of Rugby Jones – A Rascal’s Journey from Disability to Ability. 

This is what they are saying about it:

Based on a true story, this heartwarming tale is told by Rugby who is a lovable and loving dog with great big ears and a magnetic personality. He tells his story of overcoming adversity with the wit and wisdom of an eight-year-old. Rugby’s antics and blunders will amuse and uplift the reader. He offers understanding and encouragement to those who must deal with and overcome any difference or adversity. Rugby teaches the all-important lesson that kindness and acceptance shown by children and adults alike will make the world a better place for all. Rugby has an opinion about everything and what comes out of his mouth may surprise you!

This book is in color and the images are amazing if I do say so myself. That’s why it is more expensive than the black and white version. It is $18.93 and if you click here you will be taken to Amazon.

We wanted to make the book available at a lower price so the next one is the same book (with a slightly different title) The “Tail” of Rugby Jones – A Rascal’s Journey from Disability to Ability The Wit & Wisdom of  a Lovable Dog with a Disability. (That’s me and you ill see why I am lovable when you read it!) This book is available on Amazon for only $6.92. Click here.

There is also a Kindle version of The “Tail” of Rugby Jones – A Rascal’s Journey from Disability to Ability and it is only $3.49. Try not to be confused with so many choices. Okay? click here

There is also an MP3 audio of  The “Tail” of of Rugby Jones – A Rascal’s Journey  from Disability to Ability and that is available right here. Guess what? Parents love it because they get about an hour of guilt free quiet time as their child or children listen to me talk about kindness, acceptance, diversity and working hard! Click here because the price is only$4.97.

The Diary of a Different Dog – Rugby Jones is also available on Amazon! How cool is that? This book won some pretty cool awards if I do say so myself!For the paperback version click here. And for the Kindle Version click here

This is what they are saying about this book!

Filled with colorful and meaningful images that children will relate to and understand, The Diary of a Different Dog is a rhyming picture book meant for younger children.Based on a true story, this heartwarming tale comes “straight from the dog’s mouth.” Rugby is a lovable, loving and kind rascal who understands kids and life. His story will captivate children of all ages as well as the adults who read to them. Rugby’s personality has a magnetism that connects with children in a very special way. Written in his endearing eight year old voice, Rugby offers a convincing message to everyone who reads about him or listens to his story. He offers understanding and encouragement to those who must deal with and overcome any difference or adversity. Rugby teaches the all-important lesson that kindness and acceptance shown by children and adults alike will make the world a better place for all.

Rugby has become a hero for the many children who read or had read to them The “Tail” of Rugby Jones – A Rascal’s Journey from Disability to Ability. Now Rugby hopes to become a hero for your younger child too. This is the first book in his new series: Life with Rugby Jones.


Parenting: Insincere Praise Deflates Self-Esteem

Phony compliments don’t help build a child’s self-esteem. The fact is that they undermine a child’s confidence.

Children see through people who are not honest. The message that you give with insincere praise is that you can’t find anything to really praise. When that happens, it tells a child that he or she does not deserve real approval.

The secret is to be sincere and find something that you really can praise. Even if it isn’t something huge, remember that small things will be stepping stones toward a child’s improved self worth.

It’s so important to let children understand that failure is okay. Failure and mistakes are crucial for success to become a reality. Children need their parents to believe in their abilities, to be proud of their efforts and teach them how to learn from the negative events in their lives.

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He Said, I Will Be Great!

I just received a call from a mom that melted my heart. Actually, it rocked my very being. When you try to make a difference and find out that you did, it is a feeling that can never be duplicated.

No matter how successful you are or or how long you live, moments like this make you realize that your work has value and that your life has purpose.

This mom shared yesterday’s post about Lucy with her son. He had been in a terrible accident and lost one of his legs just below the knee. She told me that he had sunk into a terrible depression. He didn’t want to return to school. He had even mentioned that he didn’t care if he lived or died.

To make a very long story short, he watched Lucy’s video. His mom told me that tears rolled down his cheeks as he watched little Lucy. She said that he watched the video over and over again and then said what she had prayed he would say…

“Mom, I will be okay. Life is what you make it. I will be great because I can.”

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Gloson Teh Is My Friend.

gloson1Glosen Teh is way cool! “It is such a blessing to discover one’s hobby as young as possible!  Because a hobby can be turned into a skill and, later, a career! The earlier one starts doing a thing the more expert one becomes. When you grow up, you will not feel stressed by your work. There is a saying: “If you enjoy your work, it will be as though you never work a day in your life – just enjoy your hobby all the time!”

Gloson, whose name means ‘son of glory’, really is special in that he is a good example with which to encourage parents to nurture their children when they are young.”

~Gloson Teh’s Mother

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