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Who Needs A Gold Medal?

As the start of the Olympics draws near, we want to wish all of the participants the very best. They have worked hard and have reached the “top of their games” or they wouldn’t be on the US Olympic Team, competing for the Gold.

What is also important to remember is the fact that each and every one of us has something special about us too. We do not have to be perfect and in fact, often we are better when we are not perfect! We might have a talent with art or a curiosity with science. We might have the ability to show love or help someone understand that he or she is the be all and the end all. We might have a sparkle in our eyes that says we care. We might have the ability to make people laugh.

Whatever makes you tick or whatever makes you happy, remember that you are of value and you have the ability to change someone’s life in some way.

It doesn’t take a Gold Medal, a Silver Medal or a Bronze Medal to make you a winner. You don’t have to be perfect, you just need to do your best and be kind. That will make you a winner and very possibly, someone’s hero.

Our Hero: Patrick Henry Hughes

At times, we meet people who become our heroes. We don’t necessarily meet in person. We meet via the internet or via the news or through mutual friends. We become friends because we share a belief. Our hero today is Patrick Henry Hughes and I am certain that we share the belief that, If you believe it, you can achieve it!

Patrick was born without eyes and without the ability to straighten his arms and legs. In addition, he has had two steel rods attached to his spine because of scoliosis.  In spite of all of his physical issues, Patrick has overcome the odds with the support of a wonderful family.

He has so much talent, courage, love and desire that his example is a gift to all who are lucky enough to have come in contact with him.  As difficult as it is to believe, Patrick began to play the piano at nine months of age and also sings and plays the piano. Patrick has excelled as a musician, student, performer and public speaker.

If any of you have a disability or if you have a child or a loved one who has a disability, please don’t enable any negative thinking about your or their abilities. Please show your children that you believe in them and all that they can do.

The following quote is from Patrick’s website:

He (Patrick) even participated in the University of Louisville Marching Band for five seasons with help from his father, Patrick John Hughes, who tirelessly maneuvered his wheel chair through the formations with the other 220+ members of the Cardinal Marching Band. Patrick is usually a straight ‘A’ student, having received only 3 ‘B’s’ during his entire primary/secondary educational experience and graduated from U of L magna cum laude.  Patrick is a Spanish language major and speaks Spanish fluently.

A virtuoso pianist, vocalist and trumpet player, Patrick has won or finished very high in numerous competitions, as well as winning awards acknowledging the circumstances he has overcome to achieve these heights.

I suggest that you read Patrick Henry Hughes’ book, I am Potential. It just might change your life or the life of someone you love.

Please remember that people don’t have disabilities, they have dif-abilities!

Photo: www.patrickhenryhughes.com/images/

Today, we recorded the audio of my book.

Guess what? We were in a sound studio with microphones and all kinds of recording machines. At first I was a bit nervous for my mom ‘cuz she did the talking. She did a good job and I was really proud of her. She even sounded just like I sound except that she missed a bark or two. I’m excited ‘cuz now people who can’t see with their eyes, will be able to hear all about me with their ears! How cool is that?

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