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Reading Is Awesome!
Reading Is Awesome!

Reading can happen with technology. This is a very important message from me to you about too much technology. If you are a parent, you probably think that your kids are on their computers or iPads far too much. Maybe you are trying to limit the time they use technology and if you are, you are a good parent.

If you are a kid, you probably can’t get enough technology. You live for video games and maybe even some social media. Which I might add… can be very dangerous!

There is one thing that might help both parents and kids to meet in the middle and compromise. How about if you spend the same amount of time reading or spending time outside? As far as reading goes, it is awesome. How else can you travel to a distant land or solve a mystery or learn how to fly without leaving your home unless you are reading?

Reading is awesome!

My human mom tells a story about how much she loveReadingd reading. A very long time ago when she was a kid… sorry mom, you aren’t that old! Anyway she almost burned the house down reading one night. She was reading a book that she couldn’t put down and after she was supposed to go to sleep, she took one of her bedroom lamps and removed the shade. Then she put it under the covers and pulled the covers up over her head and over the lamp. She turned on the lamp and started reading. She was sure that her parents wouldn’t find out. Then she started to smell something.

She was so caught up in what was happening in the book that she ignored the smell. At least she ignored it until she realized that her sheet and blanket were on fire! Back in those days, light bulbs got very hot. In fact they got so hot that they could start fires!

Guess what happened next? Well, she screamed and called her mom and dad and they knew what to do to put the fire out. She did get in trouble because her parents saw the book and the lamp in the middle of the burning mess and knew what she had done.

The moral of this story is that in today’s world, lights don’t get that hot. And if you use technology like an iPad or another tablet to read, nothing will catch fire.  Plus you are using technology to learn and all parents want you to learn.

Oh and BTW… In the picture, she wasn’t really reading The Diary of a Different Dog. I hadn’t even written it way back then! In fact I hadn’t even been born! I was just pretending. Do you ever pretend?

Rugby’s Maze

Rugby's MazeRugby’s Maze is the game for today. Guess What?  I thought it would be fun to add some activities for you to do here. This one is very easy. Just get your mom, dad or teacher to print “Rugby’s Maze” on a piece of paper for you. The only other thing you need is a pencil.

Rugby’s Maze

Do you know what Rugby’s Maze is? Well, I’ll tell you. Rugby’s Maze is a kind of puzzle and you have to find your way from the entrance to the exit without crossing over any lines. There are real life mazes too and they are called labyrinths. Sometimes the lines are made out of bushes and you have to find your way out by walking and not using a pencil like you use for Rugby’s Maze.

Rugby’s Maze is a pretty cool one because you start where I am looking at you in my wheelchair. As you take your pencil and try to follow the path, you will see some friends along the way. Maybe you can think about ways to show them kindness. Remember that kindness rules in schools and everyplace else.

When you get to the end, you will see me waiting for you on my beanbag chair in my house. How cool is that? Way cool I think and I bet you do too!

Guess what? If you get your mom or dad or teacher to send me suggestions for other activities, I will put them right here on my site. Please let them know that I don’t share email addresses with anyone. Also if they have other suggestions, I would welcome them. It’s always good to have more than one person or dog help share good ideas. Maybe you have your own suggestions. If you do, just ask an adult to send them to me right here. Rugby (at) RugbyJones.com.

911 Bullies

911Today is September 11, 2015 or as many people say, 911. Grownups have serious memories about what happened on this day in 2001. I wasn’t even born then so I only know what people tell me about it. What I do know is that I am very proud to be an American! My ancestors were from Wales but I was born right here in the good old USA! I feel good every time I look at our flag because I have learned about history and the things that make our country so great!

From what I hear about 911, some people decided to try to hurt us here in our own country and that was pretty scary. The good part is that we are so much more prepared for those kinds of things now. I guess we got much smarter. Just like there are good people, there are also bullies in the world.

Bullies seem to try to hurt people and the victims need to get smarter so that they can take care of themselves better. Lots of times, bullies think that they are smarter and stronger and they think that the rules don’t apply to them. Guess what? They are wrong!

9-11 Bullies

Every time someone helps the victim of a bully and every time a victim stands up to a bully, the bullies lose their strength and that’s a good thing. It is the same with the bullies from 9-11 and the same for other bullies. Even though we are kids, we can do things that will make the world a better place just by being kind and helping out those who need support in our own schools and neighborhoods.


Today is a special day to honor our soldiers because they are doing all they can to support our people and our country so there won’t be another 911. It’s so important to say “thank you” to everyone who helps us in any way. I love to say “thank you.” How about you?

New School Year

Summer is over and the new school year is ready to begin. Guess what? Everyone gets nervous when school starts. Even the cool and popular kids get nervous. They won’t tell you that but they do! Trust me. I know about these things. Sometimes it’s even harder because it means going to a new school with all new kids. When you look around and don’t see any familiar faces you can get really scared. If that happens to you, I have a few suggestions that will make it easier.

New School Year Suggestions

  • For the first day of the new school year wear clothes the first day that are sort of “regular.” That means that it will be easier on you if you wear something that doesn’t make you stand out. After you make friends you can wear whatever you want as long as it is permitted by the school and your parents.
  • Watch the other kids. See which ones seem to be nice and friendly.
  • If someone laughs at you or makes fun of you, stay away from him or her.
  • Say “Hi” to kids and smile. Kids like to be around happy kids.
  • If you don’t know where something is, ask one of the kids that looks nice.
  • Teachers are really helpful and so are secretaries and custodians.
  • Remember that each day will get easier and each day you will meet more kids.
  • If one kid is especially nice, you can ask to sit next to him or her at lunch.

Guess what? I think that the first day of a new school year is kind of like sliding down a very big slide for the first time. (My human mom had to get me to the top because my wheelchair Zoomie doesn’t help me much when it comes to slides!) Anyway… Just like the first day of a new school year, you worry a lot as you get to the top and when you look down, you get really scared. Then you try it. Your heart pounds and you hold your breath. All of a sudden, when you get to the bottom you know you are okay and it wasn’t so bad after all. In fact, it was fun.

School is that way. It’s not so bad and in fact it is fun!!

Words or How You Made Them Feel

words and how they made them feelMy human mom was listening to some people talk about what words to use wen meeting new people.They were talking about wanting to make good impressions with their words.  My mom said that people remember how you make them feel and not about your exact words.

I thought about that a lot and I know she is right. Do you want to know why? Well I’ll tell you. When I mess up on something, she knows what to do to make me feel better. I can’t remember the words she uses but I sure know how she makes me feel.

She remembers how they made her feel, not their words.

There is a great story she tells about getting lost after a conference one night in Philadelphia. It was at about 10 PM and she thought she remembered the parking garage where she parked her car but it wasn’t there. After seeing that there were many more nearby garages, she worried that she might not find it.  She went to a hotel lobby and asked a man to help her. It was wintertime and she was cold and tired. The man’s name was George and he tried to help her find it but they couldn’t find her car.

George told her of someone who might be able to help her and they went to see Juan. George told Juan the situation and my human mom and Juan set out to find the car. It was after midnight. They walked from garage to garage and didn’t give up. Finally they found the car. My mom was so relieved and she and Juan exchanged phone numbers so that they could meet again.

People asked my mom after that happened how she dared to wander around the streets of Philadelphia in the middle of the night with two strangers. She said, “I don’t remember what they said but they made me feel safe. They made me feel like they cared. They made me feel like they were my friends.”

Guess what? They were and still are!

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