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Find A Way!

Daiana NyadEvery adult I hear is always talking about being old. We, I have something to say about that. What is the difference between being old and being disabled? I think being disabled is way more difficult to overcome than just being a day or two or year or two older. Don’t you agree?

I have proof of what I am saying because there is an older woman who just proved that age doesn’t mean a whole lot. In fact she proved the same thing that I already knew, success in anything is all about a positive attitude and never giving up.

The lady I am talking about is Diana Nyad and she turned 64 in August. That makes her pretty old by a dog’s perspective, right? This cool lady swam 110 miles from Havana, Cuba to Key West, Florida without stopping.  The best part of her story is that this was her fifth try. She failed four times before and one of the times was when she was only 29 years old.

What can kids and dogs learn from a 64 year old woman who finally achieved her dream late in life? All we need to do is think of what she had to say about why she was able to overcome all of the odds of age and danger with such an amazing accomplishment.

She said two things that I will never forget and I hope you will always remember.

“We must never ever give up!”


“Find a way!”

When Diana Nyad felt like giving up, she didn’t. And every time she met with an obstacle,  she found a way to overcome it.

You go Diana Nyad! You are our newest hero! You are proof that overcoming obstacles and success is all in your head!

I am so sorry but I’m so excited!

People are coming out of the woodwork, as my mom would say to help us with the book! After this weekend, I will be blogging on such amazing things and guess what? You will be able to get a Rugby Jones stuffed doll and so much more. We are working very hard to get this off the ground and it will be worth it!!! Thanks for understanding! You are so way cool! Yeehawh!

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